Sabrina Kay Photography: Provoking Change Through Dreams and Photos


Classy, chic, fun, and raw, Sabrina Ruediger, the photographer behind Sabrina Kay Photography is uniquely suited to tackle the provocative and challenging. 

Sabrina’s photography pulls inspiration from her various gifts ranging from singing jazz tunes to bracing her athletic strengths in dance. These varied talents have flourished since childhood and it shows.  Her talents effortlessly merge and flow throughout her work helping her to produce artistic images that shock and provoke thought, but also keep you looking. Sabrina’s wild capability to add softness to dark subjects is something many aspire to do but often fall short of. 

Self-Portait by Sabrina Ruediger
Self-Portrait by Sabrina Ruediger

Perhaps it’s more than just an artistic lifestyle that spurs the fire in Sabrina’s photography. As a passionate activist for mental health, women’s rights, racial equality, and the LGBT community, Sabrina’s work causes pause — self-reflection. Where do I fit into this? Her photography incites activism amongst those viewing it. Being diagnosed with bipolar disorder herself, Sabrina is aware of the depth the diagnosis gives her work though she will be the first one to admit she’d still be creating even without it. Her passion for causes affecting others on this earth is her primary drive to get her work out into the world.

This is best showcased in her body-positive, women’s rights work. In black and white photography, Sabrina channels a Francesca Woodmanesque skill to bring beauty and provocation together to get the message across loud and clear: Your sexist ideas about what a woman’s body should look like sucks.

Artist Statement for "Aren't You Jealous" by Sabrina Ruediger
Artist Statement for “Aren’t You Jealous” by Sabrina Ruediger

Enlisting the help of supportive friends, Sabrina modeled, shot, and processed black and white photos which powerfully tell the story of how women are subjected to sexualized norms in society. She is sensitive to the fact that though this work only features thin, white, young women the problem affects all women regardless of size, age, or race.

Professionally, Sabrina’s photography can take a lighter tone. Her subjects almost seem to live in a fantasy utopian world of beauty and magic. Perhaps much like the one Sabrina dreamed of as a child herself. Taking delight in celebrating the union of two people in love in her vintage lush style on engagement shoots or capturing the story and personality during a lifestyle shoot, Sabrina’s photography skills prove to be versatile and unflinchingly, unapologetically dreamy.


For more information on Sabrina and Sabrina Kay Photography, check out: or follow her on Instagram: @sabrinakayphotography

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