Elijah El-Amin, Actor: The Profound and Practical Dreamer


If you don’t know Elijah’s name now, just wait. One look at his actor’s reel and you’ll begin to see the type of high-quality acting that talent and hard work creates. Since 2016, El-Amin has shown an unwavering dedication to growing in his craft. Whether he’s on stage in a theater or in front of a camera, he has an uncanny ability to tap into raw emotions that leaves the viewer shaken.


Being self-taught on Stella Adler’s technique focusing on recalling memories and use of the imagination, you may wonder what profound experiences motivate El-Amin as he gives his powerful performances. El-Amin skilfully draws from his own breadth of life experiences and is also keen to emphatically experience the things his friends and family go through. When choosing roles, he often sees himself or someone he knows in the meaningful characters he plays. Seeing himself or his friends/family in these characters helps him to deliver authentic and emotional performances

His talent doesn’t just start and stop with acting, however. El-Amin is proficient in writing and producing music with emotionally-charged lyrics and catchy rhythms that leaves the listener torn between deep introspection and the desire to tap their feet. This multi-faceted talent’s biggest secret? The post-production process of any film is his favorite part. It’s easy to see why with his keen eye to detail and vision for the films he is in.

Coming from a talented family with creativity running through their veins, El-Amin finds his motivation and purpose through remembering his own parent’s journeys in the creative field. Whether hearing his mother sing beautiful songs in the studio or watching his father create a business out of selling his artwork, El-Amin’s imagination is always wild while his discipline in honing his craft is tamed. This combination creates an actor ready to take on challenging roles in any genre.

To find out more about Elijah’s upcoming movies and projects, follow him on Instagram: @elaminelijah or check out his website https://elijahel-amin.com

Check him out in some of his recent films here:


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