Sarah Renee, Made on Purpose: Psychic Medium and Spiritual Coach


Undeniably gifted since childhood, Sarah Renee has always been sensitive to energy around her. Feeling the presence of the Other Side, Sarah struggled with this overwhelming gift until her early adulthood. Shadows and intense energy loomed where no one else seemed to notice. Then, with a profound aptitude for her gift, she honed her talents and overcame her fears to step into her uncanny ability and purpose to help others.



Sarah Renee is an international psychic medium, spiritual coach, and best-selling author who has helped thousands of people get clarity and closure in their lives. Her process is simple but unique. Going into her meditative phase with her Spirit Team, she learns to trust what she sees without judging it, ensuring her clients get the purest and clearest form of guidance. She doesn’t argue or embellish what is presented to her, she uses herself as a channel between the Divine and her clients to produce clarity and insight for those in need of answers so you know you aren’t getting what she thinks you want to hear, but rather the unfiltered truth.


Beyond her one-on-one sessions, Sarah Renee’s coaching has helped people achieve healing in all areas of life. You’ll learn to experience the richness and depth that comes from honing your own spiritual intuition and developing your relationship with your Higher Power while getting closure from traumas and the past. Empowerment and healing are what you can expect from any of her coaching groups which Sarah Renee offers online, in classes, and soon in retreats.

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Enthusiastic testimonies abound in the form of life-changing events after a visit or phone call with Sarah Renee. Previous clients have gone from being stuck in a very dark place to moving to an exciting new city, getting engaged, or even getting a new job! Proficient, kind, and knowledgeable, Sarah Renee is well-versed in providing her clients the best experience. With this type of life-changing moment, you can expect a sense of community in the groups and life-long friendships to form.

Sarah Renee opens people to find their connection.

Take life to the next level.

Set yourself up for miracles.

Anything is possible.

Transformation happens.

“You were created on purpose.” -Sarah Renee

Sarah Renee’s latest book entitled, “The Blessings Book” is due out later this year. For more information on Sarah Renee and her gifts, check her out here:

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